Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Teksi | Applikasi terbaru untuk tempah teksi secara Online

Need to book a taxi? There’s an app for that! Good news for frequent users of taxi cabs in Malaysia – you can now book taxis on the go using MyTeksi, a platform that allows taxi bookings on the go via an iPhone app, an Android app, or plain and simple SMS for those without a supported smartphone OS.

The MyTeksi app can be downloaded for free from either the Apple App Store or Google Play. MyTeksi currently has over 250 active drivers in their fleet of taxis, and they’re working to grow this amount constantly. Ideally, one day all taxis in Malaysia will be signed up to be on the service.

Once a taxi driver has accepted the job, you’ll receive confirmation details on your booking. The app also estimates how much your fare will be based on your starting and destination points. You’ll also have to pay a RM2 surcharge which is the standard phone taxi booking rate. 

You’ll need to pay this to the taxi driver, MyTeksi doesn’t charge you anything directly. If you don’t have a supported platform, you can just send an SMS to 36881 with the following information and you will receive an SMS confirmation or a call within 3 minutes.


For more details: paultan.org

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